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Here you wouldn’t going on everybody welcome back to another video how is I here guys today as you can see today we’re going to be playing skin that IO apparently this is a, fidget spinner type of agario I’m actually pretty hyped to play this I’m, not going to waste your time let’s get right into this game let’s play this game first impressions online what is it I don’t know how to. Play this game whoa what was that what is it land with no he’ll be oppositely tightening the problems with a.

Grizzly bear out the bat looks like the world I don’t know what that is we’re gonna stay away from that I think the more points, you get the faster you go I believe right now ranked 34 as you can see the. Games not that popular so there isn’t that many people playing but so far I’m joining. It oh whoa apparently you can battle people like beyblades alright.

So this is pretty much like agario but through this finish and you can attack people by running into them like this look I’m gonna take out this guy ready hold on boom gone we died. Alright I like this game so water seems feel it no I’m just going to get to a 12 a. Big mass and I’ll spin as. Fast as I can and then I’ll get back to you guys when we’re attacking some people alright guys Robert kicked this means out, he has 200 things I have to catch him though. Oh oh how did I lose boom you dead yes actually were to die – you’ll get out of here I don’t oh why I attack and like I had so much stuff I mean I made the worst decision, of my life attacking that guy I should not have attacked them Oh Oh big people run away no no, no no actually that guy I could have probably took him out but whatever I want I just I, want to be alone getting me alone oh it shows your rpm as well down at the bottom we have 85, RPM at the moment why would you attack me like that look, at how slower rpm goes drop from 220 fatty why would you do that man let me be okay I’m a beginner let me live and thanks, see take that guy’s nice he left me alone in fact, I hit me with possum would have been dead but all he’s coming, back I literally ran into him what his life and then once I become faster I’ll kill you then. Look now you leave me alone oh we’re gonna take that guy out we hit them I don’t know where he went buddy oh we’re gonna kill this guy, – come here boy what’s the heck I should be faster, oh if you click you go a lot a lot faster that’s good to know when I’m attacking anyone else, want to die oh I see you who got how many oh no no no go down the way that guy has way too many points I do not want to mess with whoa what you want but. You want to die today you’re an alpha I just it’s too easy yes it’s too easy like I just, got marked ASAP and now we got all this stuff we have. Right 700 rpm it’s good it’s good you’re bullied a savage now grab an all them ponies boy please, 40 hit points who do you think you are oh, he’s running away come here I don’t like you wasting all my rpm like that Boyd make me chase you around the whole entire map I don’t like. That just die ma’am oh that guy has a lot of hit points I’m going I’m gone no RP on RPM dropped so much our RPM. Was at 700 now we’re at 260 so come on why do you, have to do that to us man and you couldn’t just left us who do you think you, are I have more hit points than you buddy your dad bye bye whose men’s, is this trying to kill me oh I see someone dying why only it’s only game why did you have to, be mad alright so this was the new spin that I oh the new fitted spinner I’ll guard you guys if you. Guys enjoyed make sure you leave a like and comment down below how many rpm you, can get in the comment but anyways that’s gonna wrap it up everybody thanks so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed see you later peace .