Spinz.io Skins

Yo what's up guys it's Exodus here again and today we're going to be playing some screens that I oh now.

It's a new diner you'll gain adjustment on that I do is it's basically a zombie stripe games or waves and everything your, my upgrades that's for a different video today we're gonna be playing this finish winter game I am at the spender 27 because I can and this, is the rpm rpm is basically how faster spin and people who are under you. You can go into them and you can kill them like you just saw they're only.

Did it was run into me but and then I just up all my XP audacity now you got to get going first to really understand, it and like have fun with it and if you press even go a little bit faster oh oh so I might not talk so that's why I got the music, on right now and I'll stop these guys when something good happens I was, just joking I was just joking man I was just joking I was just joking I was just. Joking man nice nice sandals schoolboy the fire-eaters be screwed what school we're gonna fire this school boy from the fire, is gonna do knock knock the condos for the condos the. Kind of skills for work school work my father's school boy rearranged oh Jenny could be my house you'll wreck the site over time Bob Oh you can get [Applause], I said I'm moving too far [Applause] [Applause] oh yeah oh nothing to explain [Applause] , you [Applause] , Oh Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] why you so yeah guys, I think that's gonna be the end of this video I hope you really enjoyed it and if you did make. Sure to hit the like button and subscribe don't forget to leave, a comment below hittin and also hit the notifications button and out and on that and um I think I mess up again crap, whatever you know what guys are well born then I can never get the outro correct hit like well n subscribe turn notifications on hope you enjoy the video oh why that, was perfect nailed it see you dudes in the next video .