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What kind of messed up world are we living in where we got digit spinners on our compute what is what. Is this thing here I don’t I don’t understand this kids I don’t know about this one it is the hottest trend to take it the internet since like I don’t I don’t actually know it, is fidget spinners as in I okay it’s like a Goryeo both fidget is honestly just a retexture of agario I am.

Not even kidding you you gain points with these, little dots and then you’d spin quicker I gotta get those spins in boys and all you do is just spin this this is insane but, I wonder if I can win that I’m kind of curious holy no no no no no no no no you know what’s ping. Ping I don’t think so holy what do those things do then it’s propelling that’s that’s crazy so there’s strategy to, do I gotta like spin my, fingers in real time to keep up with this I’m getting kind of dizzy looking at these be honest with you I’m not messing with no chumps these are some insane all. Fidget spinner Kingsley’s oh man I’m gonna I’m honestly. Gonna get out fun here somebody’s gonna spin past me just spin me. Into spin Bolivian what a dump it got to capitalize on some right I mean that’s what I’m doing right.

Now whoa whoa no no blah blah blah what is the easy shooting at me that’s correct okay no you said wait you stay away stay away, from me please thanks thank you so funny still following me he’s mad about, my spinning skills he knows that I spun with the Tibetan monks in 1995 I wasn’t even born that year I wasn’t even born man because these things are the coolest you. Get sloshed I’ll wait and I kill you boy I can’t kill you no no no no no no no no no no get, away from me no no no don’t say let’s, steam and then come after me you dick what do you think you’re doing God bitches fidget spinning is honestly some. Kind of criminal sport people say once that can take your friend in the next are spinning loops around you these these goddamn assholes oh can I take them, on I can’t take them, don’t you dare don’t even dare sit to stop daring nobody’s daring you nobody’s daring you anymore quit just stop stop thank you god damn boy I said stop and what did you do you kept going you kept. Running towards me you.

Kept running your mouth boom eat it wait we both take damage oh it’s like a baby bat this is crazy. Okay so it’s legitimately like beyblades get back to you dick you tried to attack me I don’t take lightly to that trying to attack.

Me and my home turf of spin central oh. yeah I’m not I’m not about that come on you dick come on come on come on don’t even dare don’t even dare don’t.

You god damn it okay so you don’t die right away as you get a hit which is kind of cool is in all the other. Games it soon as you get hit you pretty much die I think there was one, where you like just split in half but no this was like this is crazy I it’s not that bad, to be I gotta be real with you guys it’s not that bad, see if we can sneak up on this game oh whoa is he dead he’s not dead yet god dammit that was for nothing I’m just getting hyped over nothing I’m, just a young sping gland trying to make my way in the world trying to spin the. Way into the hearts of the people the people that I’m gonna spin right into and mess up God we’re. Going so over a thousand rpm that is just nuts like can you even go that fast can you go that fast as the fidgets spinner I wonder oh my, god get away from me whoa whoa okay so that’s what those are used for oh you just, boost towards someone I get you God that wait wait wait come here you little oh whoa, ah she and you start at the baby. Level of – oh and I’m lagging – I’m not even spinning I’m just sliding I’m a fidget slider and I’m a I’m a fidget debtor god damn this is this. Is not easy get a don’t please don’t please just, be nice be nice just be nice please be nice be nice just be nice big okay no more mr. nice I can’t speed up I mean he’s dead he’s so that’s that’s a bonus I. Think he’s dead I mean, that’s all that matters is dead he he’s goddamn dead I killed the fitness center okay Sam I’m gonna need you to not for a, second I’m gonna need you to like not do that right now yeah I could I’d appreciate thank you you listen okay but you thank, you thanks everybody so nice in. This game everybody’s actually listening people are sweet um excuse me excuse you dot dot dot what do you think you’re doing I was just trying to grow as a little fidget spinner, not human you go and kill me I don’t think that’s right okay but it’s right if. I do it it’s okay it’s it’s okay if I do it yes it’s okay don’t don’t worry it’s okay whoa look up up up up up up. Up up up up I’m just killing people I’m, not I’ve no I should ha because I’m getting mad at people can’t okay no but but this times. Different this times different this time is it this time is a lot different. Come here it’s probably a bond be honest it’s probably a bond right I’ve got to be a boss I mean I think I’m. Having fun I’m fidget spinning there just spinning is really fun now you just need spinning the whole time collecting dots I, mean yeah that’s that’s got dot fun anymore this isn’t fun kind of a Connie’s it kind of kind of aids but. Not really like I mean I mean I just spawned man I just every time I’m spawning I’m getting killed. Right off of this is like an exception here I’m not dead which is kind of surprising because every single, time is fought in camp you dead is it it’s like life almost wow what happened he just spun okay okay don’t please though please actually you beat your being for, real right now you’re not serious I honestly just survived one of the hardest trials to. Buy what you God don’t you okay well yeah the game is in the. Description below good thanks much watch guys guys like so much child support click over, here is a little icon it’s a little keep button yeah tell me what it does it’s really adorable. And it’s just they can be clicked videos up here like the video if you liked it if you didn’t it’s, probably not good good they need to go Jade a girl act and I’ll teach and, every one of you later take it easy guys girls later .